About Us

Haki Project is a streetwear and anime brand founded in June 2023 in a small room in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean by a guy who is a fan of anime and style. Our pieces were designed to give you confidence... discover original t-shirts inspired by art.

We endeavor to create designs that embody a modern ethos, blending comfort, minimalism, and elegance in every cut, cultivating a lifestyle centered on creativity. Haki is more than just clothing; it's a creative platform for the misfits, the outcasts, and the wild to express themselves freely. Our garments aim to inspire the new generation to pursue their passions, whether conventional or unconventional, by empowering them to create without fear of judgment.

Additionally, in a twist inspired by the world of One Piece and streetwear culture, "Haki" takes on a new meaning, symbolizing a unique blend of resilience, determination, and style. Just as characters in the One Piece universe harness their Haki to overcome challenges, our clothing empowers individuals to navigate the urban landscape with confidence and flair. With each garment, we invite you to embody the spirit of adventure and resilience, forging your path with boldness and style.

– From North Blue

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